Foundation Works With Edinburgh of University to Develop Women's Football

The Foundation has teamed up with the University of Edinburgh Business School's Innovation Management in Practice opportunity which is part of the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation by providing three students the opportunity to work on a plan to develop women's football.

The aim of the project is to develop a sustainable business model for Hibernian Women’s Team that will be informed by best practice established in Clubs across the UK and Europe which will include a business plan also incorporating a marketing plan, and a community engagement strategy that would immerse the team in local communities, raising the profile of the team but also using the power of football to increase participation in sport and a range of social outcomes to be achieved around physical and mental wellbeing.

Charlie Bennett the Foundation's Chief Executive Officer commented 'We are looking forward to working with the students and in particular to reading the recommendations for a sustainable business model that will allow us to develop our women's team further. We are also grateful for the support of the University's Business School for the opportunity to access their students and develop our partner working further'.