Hibernian Community Foundation in partnership with the Scottish Football Association delivered a successful Positive Coaching Session at Easter Road last month with over sixty parents attending from both the boys community teams and the girls academy.

The Foundation are enlisting parents help to create a positive environment by always setting a good example and supporting our players to have the best possible coaching experience.

We ask all parents to:Encourage Effort

Success is more than winning and losing games. We must all put a focus on learning and improvement, and success being achieved through effort. Football at youth level is less about results and points, and more about enjoyment, learning and performance.

Always Be Positive

Be a positive role model. Applaud good play by your team as well as the opposition and focus on the good things your child has done in the game.

Make Football Be Fun

The more fun a player is having, the more they will learn and the better they will perform. Fun must be present for best performance to happen at every level of sports from youth to international players.

Reinforce Positive Behaviour

Always show positive behaviour and when you see it in your child or team mates you must praise and reinforce it. A positive parent can also influence other parents or spectators to behave responsibly.

Touchline Coaching

Coaches spend a great deal of time preparing; they work had to make your child's experiences positive. Let the coaches coach.

Respect the Officials

Value and show respect to the officials. Let the referee make decisions and than them at the end of the game.