Nominate Hibernian Community Foundation as your Charity of the Year!

What is a Charity of the Year?

Charity of the Year (COTY) is a partnership between a business and a charity of their choice, in this case Hibernian Community Foundation.  The partnerships can vary as you don’t have to be a large company or even a corporate company – societies and clubs can make Hibernian Community Foundation their Charity of the Year as well. 

Working together through a COTY partnership, you help ensure Hibernian Community Foundation can continue important work within local communities of Edinburgh and the Lothians whilst also letting your team of staff and customers know they are contributing to a truly worthwhile cause.

Charity of the Year partnerships can last one or more years and gives your business the opportunity to become an official partner. This not only helps your organisation meet corporate social responsibility goals but also provides staff  with volunteer days which leads to improve staff morale. Your team will know their contribution through hard work and fundraising is supporting some powerful work beyond the organisation setting to those who needs support most in there community.

Reasons to choose Hibernian Community Foundation as your Charity of the Year

An estimated 78,000 people were in poverty in the year prior to covid-19 including almost 1 in 5 children, following the introduction of the pandemic our fear is that this number has only grown through reduced service, higher living costs and fewer employment opportunities. This makes Hibernian Community Foundation a very personal cause to a huge number of people and this could include your employees or colleagues. We can offer a range of benefits to help boost your staff engagement and personal development including:

  • Encourage team building through fundraising activity
  • Positive local & national PR shared across online platform
  • Informative and motivational presentations to your staff
  • A wide range of events to engage your audience
  • A clear display of your company values and commitment to this important cause
  • Access to marketing materials for fundraising
  • Innovative fundraising tips and ideas
  • An online fundraising facility via Just Giving

How your money helps our shared Community

By working with us to raise awareness and funds, you and your team will help transform lives as we carry out much-needed work to improve health, educate and socially include. In 2021 we worked with over 5500 individuals through a variety of projects, by making us Charity of the Year, you enable us to help even more. You can even make suggestions on a new project and sponsor this work specifically.

How can you and your organisation start fundraising? 

If you’ve chosen to make Hibernian Community Foundation your Charity of the Year, you can enjoy some fantastic fundraising opportunities that will bring you, your team, and customers together.  Participating in a planned fundraiser? Share details of the event and make sure to register your fundraiser with us so we can help you track your success and share further.

Here are some of the most common office fundraisers to get you started:


One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Whether you’re auctioning off old clothing, furniture or household items you can donate you can to Hibernian CF. Alternatively a workplace stall with items for sale can also generate some funds.

Workplace auctions are also a great way to get everyone engaged and digging deep with previous items such as an extra half day off or a team meal.

Sweet treats

From a bake sale to a Christmas treat raffle, often the way to the office’s heart is through some sweet treats. Make sure to get in touch beforehand and we can provide you with an official Hibernian Community Foundation collection box.

Dress up

Hibernian Community Foundation have fundraising tops that you and colleagues can wear to fundraise. Alternatively, you can make it a non unform or dress down day. Better still if you prefer to be a bit silly, try some fancy dress, maybe with a prize for the best outfit. 

Team Exercise Challenges

Each year there area number of exercise based events that you can complete all in aid of Hibernian Community Foundation. Here are some popular events for you to consider:

  • Kiltwalk
  • The Great Scottish Run
  • The Edinburgh Marathon Festival
  • The Great North Run

Support us in other ways

If making us your Charity of the Year doesn’t seem like the right fit, but you still want to support Hibernian Community Foundation, you can help in the following ways:

  • Payroll Giving, a scheme run through HMRC which allows employees to make simple, tax-effective donations to any UK charity or cause. Employers who pay employees or pensioners through PAYE can set up a Payroll Giving scheme. This means that a donation is taken from gross pay and before tax is deducted. A donation of £10.00 per month therefore will cost the donor just £8.00.
  • Gifts in kind, including office supplies, sports equipment, and unique auction prizes four our seasonal appeals
  • Volunteer hours, we have a number of projects that you can support us deliver

These contributions help us lower our running costs, so we can make sure as much money as possible goes to where it’s needed most, right to our community.