Personal Experience…Brian Ruxton


I was on my way to my Doctor’s which is a short walk away, a couple of hundred meters, slightly uphill. At the point that I started getting wheezy and in need of my inhaler (for Asthma) I decided to change. I needed to change.

I read about the Football Fans in Training course being held by the Community foundation, I filled in my details and hoped for the best, I was fortunate and got accepted.

Being around men the same age who are having the same issues and feeling the same pressures in their life, helped hugely.

By week twelve I had lost over 10kg but for me it wasn’t about the numbers… Yes it was a great result but it was the way I was feeling inside that had changed.

I’m lucky that the Hibernian Community Foundation has a carry on programme called Fit for Change; this allowed me to carry on meeting with the guys as well as receiving the support from Stewart McGuire and Phil Ord.

The encouragement has also allowed me to expand my range of fitness activities. Phil and I ran the Edinburgh Half Marathon only 8 months after I started the FFIT programme.

The year afterwards I completed a marathon around the pitch at Easter Road (104 laps) in under 4 hours. Along with a few of the other guys, I also completed the Yorkshire Tough Mudder. I really enjoy my running now and consistently reduced my PB for a half marathon.

I have changed. I am a better person, a better Dad, a better husband and perform better in work and leisure situations. I can live my life how I want.