Hibees Are Buzzin' Project

Hibernian Community Foundation has received funding from the Postcode Community Trust to develop an exciting new project that focuses on the importance of bees to the environment and local biodiversity.

 The one year 'Hibees Are Buzzin' project will see beehives located in community settings and over 300 school children will have the opportunity to learn about bees through a six week primary school project that will cover topics including why bees are important, what’s happening to bees, life in the hive, bees and flowers, pollination, the waggle dance, and how to help bees.

 Children will also ‘Meet the Bees’ on location at the hives with trained beekeepers and engage in other activities including honey tasting, wildflower seed bomb making, and helping make a pollinator garden.

Charlie Bennett, Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation commented, ‘We’re really grateful to the Postcode Community Trust for funding this exciting new project. We know how important Bees are to the environment and we are delighted that our own club nicknamed ‘The Hibees’ are able to take forward this exciting initiative. We are particularly looking forward to school children dressed in their beekeeper suits interacting with the bees at the hive. Children will also be able to sponsor their own bee as part of the project’.