Become a volunteer photographer for Hibernian Community Foundation

Key Responsibilities:

Take photographs of Hibernian Community Foundation events and activities
Respect program participants’ right to maintain confidentiality; ask if it’s ok to photograph people before taking photos
Edit and submit best photos from each event to Hibernian Community Foundation

Skill & Qualifications:

Experienced photographer, photography enthusiast, currently studying photography or videography, or just passionate about photography
Needs own photography equipment
Willing to allow Hibernian Community Foundation ownership of photos free of charge

Benefits & Impact:

Help the Community Foundation generate stock photos to increase the visibility of its activities and events
Receive free entrance to events as whenever possible
Gain volunteer experience with a local Charity
Hibernian Community Foundation will try to give at least 2-4 weeks advanced notice for all events

Time Commitment:

2-5 hours per month
Minimum 3 month commitment
Events most likely to be on evenings or weekends
Flexible hours, to be coordinated with staff based on events schedule

Age Requirement:

18 or older

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