FREE MODULE for Coaches based in Scotland *

Only £4.99 for coaches out with

Our “Formations Module 2” Presentation will give you an insight into Academy Game Model based around the 1-4-3-3 formation.

This course is FREE OF CHARGE for all Scottish based coaches and only £4,99 for those out with.

Google Classroom will allow you to read through the resources in your own time and submit your own thoughts or questions through the Classwork Stream as well as some tasks which will allow us to share best practice.

Gary Hocknull, Football Development Manager be available throughout the Google Classroom set up as course tutor for any questions or queries.

We hope that by this working together and as a football community, we can use the vehicle of the classroom to share some best practice and give an insight into some of our practices. 

We will be accepting website registrations up to 12pm Sunday 1st November 2020.

A unique Google Classroom Code will then be emailed to you on Monday 2nd November.

Classroom content will remain online for a week thereafter.

All classmates will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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Download the Google App on Play or App Store or simply work from your online browser.

* Must include a relevant Scottish post code at registration.

Delivered in partnership with our Learning Centre and Edinburgh College with whom we may share your details.

(With Edinburgh College only. No other 3rd parties.)

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